How to hire the right DJ & MC for your wedding and keeping the dance floor packed

So it’s time to hire your DJ & MC for your big wedding day.  There are so many to choose from. It seems today that everybody with two turntables and a pair of speakers feels the authority to call themselves a DJ.

Make sure you make the right choice, with a DJ & MC that specialize in doing weddings. Many people may make the mistake of hiring their favorite club DJ or a guy they know from high school that DJs on the side, but in most cases, it isn’t the right move. Hire that club DJ or high school friend to do your New Year’s Party or God willing, your anniversary party, but for your wedding, the single most important day of your life (except for the birth of your children), hire the professional wedding DJ & MC.

A professional wedding DJ & MC knows what it takes to keep the night moving along. At a wedding, my biggest pet peeve is letting people get bored. A good wedding DJ understands how to run the timeline. A good wedding DJ & MC know how to play well with others. LOL You may remember from my previous blog, everyone works as a team. The DJ & MC communicate with the wedding planner, the caterer, and makes sure he’s got the attention of the photographer and video crew before launching into anything important. You don’t want a DJ & MC that may cause you to miss that once in a lifetime shot because he didn’t let the photo team know what he was doing. All of your team members must work like a well-oiled machine. But I digress. Read my previous blog all about teamwork.

Back to the DJ & MC.  A good wedding DJ & MC knows that it’s all about YOU!  It’s not about the DJ.  Every wedding should be custom tailored to what each bride and groom are looking for.

So, your DJ & MC should be very proficient with the microphone. Know when to use it and when not to.

You want someone who’s exciting and engaging. When he does the “Grand Introductions” he should be electric. This is your big moment. You want him to be able to bring the crowd to their feet, applauding, screaming, with hands in the air, and bringing you in with overwhelming fanfare to begin the time of your life!!!

He also should have the warmth and tenderness to give respect to that very special dance between a father and his daughter or a mother and her son.

If you’re doing the Bouquet & Garter Toss, he should know how to make it fun, even a little sexy, without crossing that preverbal line.

Bottom line, Your DJ & MC can make or break your wedding. Hire someone whose sole job is Deejaying& Emceeing weddings.  READ REVIEWS!!!!!!

OK, so now you have hired a DJ & MC and it’s time to talk about the music. What will it take to keep the dance floor rocking?

Here are the three most important suggestions I give to every bride and groom.

First, People are more likely to get out on the dance floor if it’s a song they know. Don’t get all obscure and clubby at your wedding. Weddings are about fun, romance, and memories. Everyone has a special song that will trigger some of those feelings and most likely it was a popular song. So my advice, play songs that everyone knows.

Second, even know you and the wedding party are into “The Weekend, Bruno Mars, Pitbull, etc,etc” many of your guests & family members may be older, and you want to make sure you play songs that will get them out to the dance floor as well. Different generations like different music and you want to make sure everyone has a chance to get down and boogie. I’ll talk about my music transition for the evening in a moment but let me just finish with my suggestions.

Third and final suggestion, your guests will be more likely to be out of the dance floor if the bride and groom are out on the dance floor. If the bride and groom are at the bar, a lot of your guests will be following you to the bar. You are the star of the show. Everyone wants to be with the star.

So obviously you know I’m a DJ & MC. You don’t have to hire me. You have many choices out there. Just make sure that your DJ & MC know what you want and are willing to do what you ask. I can’t tell you how many couples come up to me and tell me that their DJ didn’t play any of their requests. That’s most likely because the DJ was probably playing the music he liked and not what the bride and groom told him to play. A good wedding DJ will understand it’s not about them……it’s about the bride and groom.

To give you a little idea of how I may run the dance portion of the evening as long as it was acceptable to the bride and groom……

I would start off with family friendly music. Nothing heavy. Just some fun music. “I gotta feeling” is always a fun way to start. Maybe “Celebration”, whatever, Just nothing heavy.

As the evening progresses I start playing some of the more current dance music. What’s ever hot at the moment. For the last hour I start getting into the heavier booty music.

Of course these are only my suggestions. Every wedding is different and is customer tailored to whatever the bride and groom want. I will offer my suggestions during our planning sessions but the final decision is always up to the bride and groom, and a good DJ will respect that and always work within your parameters.

I also want to point out that I have had a few weddings with no direction at all from the bride and groom. At first these can be very challenging, but after a few requests from the crowd, taking the temperature of the dance floor, and looking at the age group, these can be some of the most fun weddings I have done.

Bottom line, interview your DJ& MC and make sure that you have that ying and yang with them, that warm and fuzzy feeling. Don’t feel pressured to book. Some DJs will book any job even if they don’t feel that connection with the couple, just to book another job.  I personally don’t book a wedding if I don’t think I can give you what you want. It is the most important day of your life, and at every wedding, it’s just as important to me.