Do I really need to get my DJ a tent for my outdoor wedding?

The short answer is YES. I’ll explain and show you some examples of why a tent for your DJ should be No#1 on your list when planning an outdoor reception.

You never know what mother nature has in store for you and even if the day is sunny and warm, those unexpected showers are the ones that can cause havoc if not properly prepared for.

Your DJ brings thousands of dollars of high tech electrical equipment and common sense will tell you that electricity and water don’t mix. If it even begins to drizzle, and your DJ doesn’t have a tent, they will need to cover the equipment and many times that will mean having to power down and end your music, at least temporarily. That’s the last thing we want to do. We don’t want to stop the party but we do what we have to in order to protect the equipment.

Once the rain has stopped we can slowly and carefully remove our equipment covers and resume the party. It takes a little time to do this as we don’t want the water that has built up on the covers to drip onto the electronics. It must be done carefully. That could take 15 minutes from the time the rain has stopped with hope it doesn’t start raining again. This will almost definitely kill the party vibe.

If that same DJ had a professionally installed and staked down tent, in most cases the party continues and the music never stops.

In this blog I posted 2 videos from 2 rain soaked weddings that will go down as 2 of my top weddings of the year. They both had professionally installed tents which allowed me to continue the party and the rain even seemed to energize the guests. They danced in the rain, “EVERYBODY” and were smiling, laughing, and created the best night ever fom the bride and groom. If not for the tent, it could have been the complete opposite.

Some people might ask why the DJ just doesn’t bring his own pop up tent and save the bride and groom some money. I’ll tell you why. Most of those pop up tents are flimsy, not waterproof, never properly weighted down for wind, and will offer limited protection to the equipment. Just to point out, I don’t care if I get wet, just not the equipment.

Now before you ask, why not just move the party and “equipment” inside if it starts to rain. Answer, i’m not moving equipment in the rain. It will remain completely covered until the rain stops and then must be broken down and then moved. This could take an hour or more and again, this can’t happen until the rain ends.

Now I am aware that certain venues will not allow tents on their property. In those cases all you can do is pray for the best, but if it does rain, it’s power down and cover up time. Fortunately most wedding venues do allow tents OR have built in Tiki’s or shelters. Yay for them!!!

Before you ask…… if my reception is in one location and my ceremony is in another, does that mean I need 2 tents. The answer there is NO. Most DJs have a small ceremony system which is very compact and can be set up and moved in 5 minutes. We aren’t at the ceremony area that long and I don’t require a tent for that area. Just wherever the main reception and dancing will take place.

When you are having your outdoor wedding in the Keys, you can ask your planner to secure you the proper tent. If for some crazy reason you aren’t using a planner, you can contact one of our great equipment party rental companies scattered throughout the Keys.

Well, the weatherman says there is a zero chance for rain. LOL, how many times have you said the weatherman doesn’t know what he’s talking about? Even a little rain means it’s time to cover the equipment.

You’re spending thousands and thousands of dollars on your wedding. Spending a few hundred extra on a tent for your DJ could be the best money spent for the entire event.

DJs have the best interest in mind for their brides, grooms, and guests. We WANT to give you a “Kick Ass Wedding”!!!

Most likely it’s going to be a gorgeous day, but it’s always wise to be fully prepared and take precautions.

Again, check out the 2 videos posted in this blog. If they hadn’t had a professional tent, these weddings may have ended very differently.