To give you a simple answer in case you don’t want to read this entire blog, is YES!!!!

If you want to why then keep reading.

And before I continue, i'm not a planner. I'm a DJ & MC. I have no vested interest whether you hire a planner or not. I post this information because I know how valuable they are and how happy you'll be when you hire one. I make no money if you hire a planner or not. I just care and want you to have the best day ever.

The 2 things I hear most at the end of a wedding besides what a fabulous job I did, LOL, is I’m so glad I hired "so and so" as my planner. The other thing I hear, I so wish I would have hired a planner.

The planners, a “good” plannner, is like the conductor of a finely tuned orchestra.

They keep everybody on track, on the timeline, so everything gets done and nothing gets left out.

You may think that since the DJ and MC are the face of the wedding, that they will keep everyone on track with the timeline, and that’s true to a certain extent, but remember that the DJ & MC have their own job to do. They won’t always be free to run over to the caterer, or gather up the wedding party for grand introductions, or get everyone lined up for the ceremony, or take care of those little things that will make your wedding special.

They make sure the tables are set correctly, create your welcome table, and so much more.

They are there to take care of all your needs and to completely take the pressure off of you. It’s your special day. You shouldn’t be burdened with having to worry about everything. "Oh well, I’ll have my bridesmaids do everything". Do you really want to stop them from having a good time? Don’t you want to party with your friends and not just put them to work?

And let me tell you when it really pays off. Let’s say you’re having an outdoor wedding and reception, and the weather isn’t perfect. A “good” wedding planner will already have a plan of action. They have experience in just that sort of situation and will move heaven and earth to get things done.

A “good” wedding planner will be in touch with each of your vendors and coordinates with all of them to make sure that your photographer has the time they need to take all of your photos, and makes sure you are free for those all important sunset photos. They make sure the caterer is ready when they sit for dinner. They make sure Champagne has been poured for the toasts. They make sure all of your gifts are safely tucked away. Yes, they are there working the entire event, so you don't have to.  Just party and enjoy your special day. 

If the wedding is running late or early, they will coordinate with the caterers so necessary adjustments  can be made on the fly.

Yes, a “good” wedding planner is worth their weight in gold.

Each planner has different packages available to fit your budget but it’s always my suggestion to buy their full wedding package. The full planning package starts months and months before your wedding day and will help you pick the best vendors based on your budget.

They all have a day of package available but that package doesn’t allow you to communicate with them until you get close to your wedding date and most likely didn’t help with picking and coordinating the right vendors for you.

Yes, it costs a little bit more money, but if you consider how much money you’re paying for your entire wedding, think of it a perfection insurance. The wedding planner will only bring in the very best vendors within your budget, and you must ask yourself, "don’t I deserve the very best?"